Hi, I’m Alex Bruce!

I’m a graphic designer (it says so on my business cards) in Philadelphia, PA, and a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art. Yes, I have two first names and I’m not afraid to use them. I go by both, and I might even answer to another first name if you give it a try. My favorite hobbies are thinking, cooking pierogies, and thinking. That’s reflected in my design: I strive to make it simple, thoughtful, and beautiful. It may look effortless, but I have hand cramps that suggest otherwise. I push myself to explore new methods and approaches to create work that I’m proud to put all my first names on.

You can reach me at whether you're interested in my work or you wanna send along a cool chain mail demanding that I forward the message to 10 of my friends or I will be cursed forever. It's all welcome.

For Refunds, Talk Therapy, Movie Showtimes, and Design Inquiries:
Reach out at

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign