Hi, I’m Alex Bruce!

I'm a designer born in Pittsburgh, raised in South Jersey, and living in Philly. I like watching basketball, cleaning my room, and riding my bike. Graphic design's not too bad either!

You can reach me at hello@alexbruce.co whether you're interested in my work or you wanna send along some chain mail demanding that I forward the message to 10 of my friends or I will be cursed forever. It's all welcome.

I'm currently employed full-time at Headcase Design.

Favorite TV Show
Twin Peaks

Favorite Movie
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Artist
Earl Sweatshirt

Favorite Song
Girl from the North Country by Johnny Cash

Favorite Food

Favorite Restaurant
Bar Bombón

Favorite Book
The Westing Game

Favorite Game
Red Dead Redemption

Favorite Team

Favorite Child
They're all my favorite! (I have no children)

For Refunds, Talk Therapy, Movie Showtimes, and Design Inquiries:
Reach out at hello@alexbruce.co

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign