Between Two Flights

A restrospective scrapbook of a semester abroad.

Between Two Flights is a book that looks back on the semester I spent studying abroad in Europe, stationed in Rome, but traveling elsewhere, telling the overall narrative of my experience and preserving my own memories as this really precious keepsake. Using all my own photos, sketches, and writing, I take the reader through city by city, detailing my overall feelings about the place before diving into a collage of specific memories, pulled out and thrown together. There's unique elements throughout the book, like these pull-out mini stories, telling tales of the time I bought a bike at a street market and broke it within the day, or when I sat on the stone walls of the Caldera in Santorini and watched the sun draw down over the seemingly endless water. In Rome, I took a printmaking class that I fell in love with, and so I included swatches of some of my prints throughout the book. This project was a really sincerely fulfilling thing to put together, it encompassed so many aspects of my experience, paring down the thousands of photos and scattered notes on my phone into something that feels really important to me.



Book Design

Soonduk Krebs 

Austen Hart

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