Camp Heyday

An exhibition about the American tradition of summer camp.

I've never been to summer camp, but for so long it's intrigued me with how everyone seems to  speak so incredibly fondly about it and the mysticism that's created around it. I wanted to learn more about it, about its history and why it started, and about why it felt like such a quintessentially American experience to me. I developed this exhibition as the fruit of that pursuit, and it became at different points an analysis, a celebration, and a critique of summer camp. I planned, designed, and produced all elements of the exhibition with an emphasis on interactivity, and cultivating a sense of nostalgia and childlike wonder. Additionally, I designed a promotional website and posters that focused on personal stories of summer camp. As a follow up to the exhibition, I designed a catalog publication that reflects the exhibition and dives deeper into the subject matter.

Exhibition Design, Fabrication, Publication, Posters, Website

Paul Kepple

Austen Hart
Colleen DeMenna
Alex Bruce

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Instagram: @alexbrucedesign

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign

Instagram: @alexbrucedesign