A luxury set of seductive creme liqueurs, delivered by the milkman who's got it made.

Playing off the old jokes of 50’s housewives having affairs with the milkman, each bottle in the series is personalized for each of the special ladies. Try the Vivian, the cinnamon flavored liqueur: spicy on the tongue, she’ll hit the right spot every single time! Or switch it up with the Marsha, the honey flavored liqueur. She’s sweet as can be, and she’ll be sure to leave you sticky and satisfied when you’re through. The back of each bottle features a customer testimonial from a satisfied housewife, with quotes such as “My milkman is in and out in five minutes!” and “My milkman treats my kids like they’re his own!” On the side of each bottle, you’ll find a custom-printed label with the delivery address and dropoff window, which might happen to be when the husband and kids are away. The personal service and touch of Lait is unmatched in the market.



Branding, Packaging,

Bryan Satalino 

Austen Hart


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Instagram: @alexbrucedesign

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